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This site has primarily been developed in NetObjects Fusion 9. Graphics were created in Corel Paint Shop Pro X, Adobe Photoshop CS2 and Adobe Indesign CS2.


Text font is the venerable Trebuchet, with some headings in Verdana, while display fonts include Futura and Myriad Pro.


Content has been written in Australian English, based on the Australian Concise Oxford Dictionary (4th ed.) and AGPS Style Manual (5th ed.), but I am able to write and edit in UK and US English as well.



All design, writing, images and even errors are by me.


My web presence is hosted by DreamHost, who offer excellent service, great prices and a sense of humour.



As I wrote this website, you won’t see a standard disclaimer here. Nevertheless, any opinions stated are of a general nature and don’t constitute specific consulting advice, so if you act upon any of them, you are responsible for any undesired outcomes. Positive outcomes, on the other hand, I am willing to take full credit for.



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Version history

9 April 2007 Minor updates to résumé

22 March 2007 My phone numbers in London and Boston have changed


6 February 2007 Minor changes to the descriptions of some of my services


28 November 2006 Minor text edits; fixed text size problem on Résumé page; fixed up the errors I caused by working whilst tired :-(


6 November 2006 Résumé pdf file updated


23 October 2006 Body text size specified absolutely to overcome browser variations


17 October 2006 Minor editing to several pages


16 October 2006 Complete website goes live!


5 September 2006 Placeholder graphic resized and optimised


21 August 2006 Placeholder page posted

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