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Born in West Africa to English and Indian parents, I was exposed to a wide range of cultures and languages from an early age. This no doubt sowed the seeds of my passion for language and communication but I was always equally fascinated by science and technology.


This paradox led me to study widely at university, and although I studied Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Music, I emerged with an Honours degree in English and the goal of pursuing a career in writing.


That career started in 1990 with one of Australia’s leading technical writing firms, Quoin Technology, where I became the Senior Consultant and then national Technical Support Manager. I was responsible for the establishment of their On-line Help methodologies, and for the development of a range of Multimedia and Computer Aided Learning (CAL) packages. At this time the CAL industry in Australia was very much in its infancy, and I had the pleasure of working with local universities and colleges in setting up some of the first computer-based training courses in the country.


In 1994 I set up my own firm which became Clive Conway Creative in 1996. As Creative Director, I worked on a range of successful on-line and paper-based communications projects for leading private and public sector organisations, as well as consulting in user experience, human-computer interaction and business process reengineering. I was also responsible for overseeing all the company’s projects and for marketing, staff training and business management.


From January 2002 I spent three years at the helm of the communications department with Kellogg Brown and Root in South Australia and the Northern Territory, where I gained further experience in major proposals and tenders and considerable experience in writing and editing in the areas of engineering, environmental management and overseas aid.


I spent 2005 in the UK as a Proposals Specialist at Watson Wyatt Limited. There I implemented a new approach to the development of high quality proposals, tenders and presentations and provided training in InDesign, Acrobat, PowerPoint and graphic design principles.


In 2006 I returned to South Australia from where I have been providing freelance information consulting services to clients in the UK and locally.


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