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Information architecture


Information architecture (IA) deals with the coherent organisation of items of information so that users of the information can access the greatest understanding with the least possible effort and confusion.


Information architecture, Information design and Contingency design are aspects of Experience design.


My areas of expertise are the information architecture of virtual space such as websites, intranets, CD-ROMs, software applications and help systems; paper-based documentation suites; and organisational processes and workflow. I’m also interested in the way users encounter information in physical space, such as public spaces and offices and through signage.


Website design in particular has traditionally been dominated by graphic design principles which are often inappropriate. Rather than being simply a visual medium, the web is primarily language-oriented, requiring user interaction within limited timeframes. In addition, people must navigate complex hierarchies of linked information, via a computer interface. For these reasons, leading websites increasingly call upon the specialist skills of information architects, rather than graphic designers, to drive site design and development.


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