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On-line help


On-line help is a feature of every major software application and increasingly common on websites and CD-ROMs.


I have 16 years’ experience in the design and development of well-structured and intuitive on-line help. I have written help systems for numerous programs, and have used help technology to deliver large documentation systems and intranets for a number of major Australian firms. I have developed systems in WinHelp, HTMLHelp and Adobe Acrobat and using leading Help Authoring Tools such as RoboHelp, Doc-to-Help and XDK. I have trained on-line help developers throughout Australia, including a team who developed a major on-line knowledge base for Microsoft.


‘Single-sourcing’ is a buzzword in on-line help development. It allows information to be delivered on paper and on-line with minimal duplication of effort and content, thus reducing development time and cost. However, the way users relate to information on screen is very different from on paper, and single-sourcing can be a false economy if this is not taken into account. My understanding of Information architecture and design can help you decide the best strategy for your help system and implement it successfully.

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