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When off-the shelf training courses are not available or not sufficiently well-targeted for your organisations needs, I can develop custom training courses and materials for your specific requirements.


I have developed training courses, training support materials and computer-based training packages for many in-house software applications. I have delivered training in many modes, including group presentations and on-to-one mentoring. I am also able to provide on-going technical support after training is completed to improve long-term outcomes for students.


I have also provided training course in a range of commercial applications including Adobe Acrobat and Indesign, Macromedia Freehand, Microsoft Word and a range of on-line help and intranet development tools.


I have written a number of customisable training packages which can be cost-effectively tailored to the specific needs of your organisation. These courses cover writing for business, technical writing, basic design skills and writing winning proposals.


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