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Technical writing plus


Technical writing enables people to understand things. This requires an intimate understanding of who the audience are and what they need to know, the most appropriate language and style to communicate with them and the best delivery method for the information. Technical writers don’t usually have to be experts in the subject matter itself. What is important is good technical instincts, excellent communication skills and an ability to connect with the audience.


My technical writing experience includes software documentation and on-line help, business policies and procedures, medical and legal writing and maintenance documentation for mechanical and electronic systems.


Why ‘plus’?

As well as having high level technical writing skills and broad industry experience, I also create professionally designed documents and on-line systems, including all necessary technical illustrations, information graphics, charts and graphs. I can edit the final documents to professional standards and manage all aspects of production and printing. That’s why I call what I do ‘Technical writing PLUS’!

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